Friday, November 14, 2008

Deaf Innocence

I find myself feeling the need to have a picture to motivate writing a blog post, but after I found myself crying tears of relief hearing that my little Scooter was fine after getting "fixed up", I pulled out my camera and started looking at all the pictures I have taken of her. In this particular one, I got totally facinated by how pink her little nose and ears and feeties were. You would have thought I was stoned or something (I wasn't) the night I took a close up of her gripping her little toes.

The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea.

She is totally, completely white, with beautiful blue eyes. She is also totally, completely stone deaf.
Having a deaf kitten in the house has been a little bit of a challenge, as in when she jumps up on something she shouldn't and can't hear me yell "NO!", but it's also been a joy. I've learned to get her attention by stomping on the floor to cause a vibration that makes her look at me. Then I can shake my finger and she's learned that means "NO!" Of course, I still say it, even though she can't hear it.

I watch her facination with things that are moving, that she can't hear. Her eyes convey such trust and pureness, and when she looks at me, I can't help but wonder what is going thru her mind.

Which brings me to my point. Until this morning, this little deaf baby has only seen probably 3 human beings in her short life. Suddenly, her most trusted human has put her in a little black carrier, transported her in a car and deposited her with strangers that begin sticking things in her and putting her back in a cage. All of this in complete silence. The vet says I'm probably taking this a lot harder than she is. By tomorrow after I'm able to bring her home, she'll forget all about it. I hope so. I would hate to think that I've caused a little being so much trauma. Of course, it would be far worse to have allowed a deaf cat to get pregnant and have kittens she wouldn't be able to hear call for her, and would have a huge chance of being deaf themselves.

I expect tonight to have Ringo fussing at me, wondering where she is since they've become fairly regular snuggle buddies.

The one to the left was made when she was a bit younger.
The one below was made a couple of nights ago.

At least I can talk to him and tell him she'll be home in the morning. And he'll give me the slow blink that I know means he loves me and believes that all will be well.
When I do get little Scooter home. I will do everything I can to reassure her that this is her PERMANENT home, that she is safe, and she is loved.
She can then resume her innocent life in complete silence.


CluckyRN said...

They are both beautiful. The next to last pic is my fave :)

johnnybeaver said...

Mushy Mushy Mushy!

Mrs. Jones said...

I have toes both pink and black. The Bane of my Existance has multicolored toes, also. Whereas I have (and I note that Scooter also has) the natural number of toes, the Bane has an unnatural abundance of toes on each foot.

And I would never let the Bane get that close to me.

Jen said...

aw, you made me miss my little deaf kitty & momma cat. :) He was so sweet riding on that vacum cleaner.

Mc Allen said...

awww, so sweet... Im a cat girl too, I have two boys- dooney and bourke. They are the sweetest sillies lil guys and Im totally nuts about them. Great pics!! LA

Stacey said...

daaahhhh!!! KITTIES!!!!