Sunday, November 22, 2009

Facebook Frustration

Doggonit!! When I want to post something, I find myself being thwarted by Facebook, and I'm tired of it.

I post to the blog (as in The Blog, which is Marshall Ramsey's blog on the Clarion Ledger), but everyone is so all UP on Facebook, many go to fb instead of The Blog. Well, that's just fine. They can do as they will, but I, for one, am hanging with MR. He's been there for me through some of my toughest times and I am thankful for that.

OK, so my access most of the time is limited to this tiny little device known as a Blackberry; BB for short. My BB does NOT like fb. Period. I don't like not having ready access to other friends, but until I can get internet access on a real pc from home, I am limited to this scrawney little device.

So, I'll check in on fb when I can. Otherwise, if you want to find me, you can go to Marshall Ramsey's blog on the Clarion Ledger.